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The open data communication protocol for the greenhouse horticulture

The horticulture data protocol’s (HDP) ambition is to realise a standard data communication protocol for the greenhouse horticulture. With this protocol the greenhouse horticulture will be able to innovate more quickly. For instance, dimming LED light will be more uniform and it will be easier to connect to this system.

The HDP Foundation

We are an independent foundation, that has the ambition to develop and maintain a standard data protocol for greenhouse horticulture. We wish to operate from the widest possible consortium. Our common goal is to give the individual grower as well as the sector the possibility to innovate faster.

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Would you like to participate with HDP?

HDP has been developed for and by the greenhouse horticulture. Therefore, we think it is important to involve the complete sector in the development of the protocol. Two heads are better than one, wouldn’t you say?


Are you an operator or grower and do you have ideas on improvements on LED lighting? Do you experience impediments as a hardware or software supplier, which can be solved with a default protocol? Please let us know and join our foundation!

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Roadmap HDP

Open and transparant

The market has influence on development

Launch in 2023

We work with an open roadmap

To provide insight in our planning and progress, we have constructed a roadmap. We will share the developments regarding HDP here, so you know what to expect from us.

The roadmap

The latest news

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