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Realization Horticulture Data Protocol starts

The first phase of the Horticulture Data Protocol (HDP) has been completed. Different stakeholders in the supply chain which are mainly growers, climate computer manufacturers, LED suppliers, LED driver manufacturers and installers have been involved in meetings about this protocol. It has been established that

Press release: Dutch consortium develops Horticulture Data Protocol (HDP)

Dutch greenhouse horticulture is developing rapidly. Driven by increasing energy prices and technological developments, many horticulturists make the switch to lighting by LED, more advance climate computers and necessary sensors. The new Horticulture Data Protocol (HDP) ensures that communication between these technologies runs universally and

A lot of attention for HDP in the industry

Dutch article: Groentenieuws: “Nederlands consortium ontwikkelt het Horticulture Data Protocol (HDP)“ Dutch article: Agriholland: “Standaard dataprotocol laat nieuwe technologieën beter samenwerken“ Dutch article: De nieuwe oogst: “Nederlands consortium ontwikkelt Horticulture Data Protocol“ Dutch article: De bloemisterij: “Nederlands Consortium gaat Horticulture Data Protocol (HDP) ontwikkelen“

Introduction Arie de Klerck

Introduction Arie de Klerck The Horticulture Data Protocol (HDP) Foundation aims to have hardware working with this protocol in 2023. To reach this ambitious goal and to lead this project, Arie de Klerck has been employed as operational director. Arie sees big opportunities for HDP