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Participate in the HDP Foundation

Both for partners as well as other interested parties the HDP data protocol will be made available through this website. It’s going to be an open protocol after all. We’re not there yet, so we still have some work to do.

To be able to complete the work, we are collecting as many wishes and demands as possible. We like to hear your experiences. You can contribute whether you are a grower, operator or hardware or software supplier for LED appliances. All are welcome to contribute.

After registrating, you will be kept in the loop regarding new developments. No need saying, that being a partner will give you some very interesting advantages.


As a partner you will be actively involved in the development and the efficacy of the protocol. We expect you to contribute actively with knowledge, effort, and a financial contribution. As a Partner you will receive the latest information regarding the protocol and services HDP will deliver, as one of the first. Your organisation can therefore use the protocol as one of the first.

The initiators

Ledgnd, Inventeers and Glastuinbouw Nederland are actively involved in the establishment of the HDP Foundation.

Do you want to join the founders and become a partner? Please contact us through the contact form of send an email to the email address on this website.


Capelle aan den IJssel, Zuid-Holland (NL)

Ledgnd is a brand independent light specialist in the greenhouse horticultural sector. We have a deep-seated knowledge of crops and an enlightened vision on LED lighting. Together we make light the work of growers!

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Leiden, Zuid-Holland (NL)

Inventeers is an engineering agency in Leiden that develops innovative systems for third parties using software and hardware. As an external research & development partner, Inventeers and their fifty employees have contributed to the innovation of their clients for more than 18 years. From concept to (end) product, from fundamental research to actual (mass) production.

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GlasTuinbouw Nederland

Zoetermeer, Zuid- Holland (NL)

Within Glastuinbouw Nederland, LTO Noord, ZLTO en LLTB work together regarding Labour, Energy, Health & Happiness, Plant health and Water & Environment to influence policy and innovative programs within the entrepreneurial network in the horticultural sector. Together they represent 75% of the total horticultural sector.

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Do you want to be involved in the development of the HDP or do you just want to be kept informed? Join us or subscribe!

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