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HDP Roadmap

An open roadmap, so you know what to expect.

The Roadmap

Inform and expectation management

We wish to inform all stakeholders and interested parties of the development and the planning.

In order to make the development path publicly available, we have created a roadmap. In the near future we will add a planning to this roadmap. At the moment we are mapping all wishes and demands. After that we want to start writing the protocol as soon as possible, so we can launch a first version in 2023.

Roadmap HDP


The Horticulture Data Protocol will be the new open standard language / protocol with which hardware can communicate in a simple, bi-directional way. Through creating a standard data protocol, we will develop a highway which will make it easier to connect hardware. This will create more opportunities in greenhouses. This new protocol will make it possible to dim LED lighting which will conserve energy. This is just the beginning; more is yet to come!

HDP Certificates

Devices that comply with the demands of the HDP after being tested, will be certified. This will ensure that the device will be compatible with the HDP protocol.