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Press release: Dutch consortium develops Horticulture Data Protocol (HDP)

Dutch greenhouse horticulture is developing rapidly. Driven by increasing energy prices and technological developments, many horticulturists make the switch to lighting by LED, more advance climate computers and necessary sensors. The new Horticulture Data Protocol (HDP) ensures that communication between these technologies runs universally and simplifies the integration of the hardware. Ledgnd and Inventeers develop this protocol, supported by Glastuinbouw Nederland and the foundation “Stichting Kennis in je Kas”. Companies that wish to participate as stakeholder in this project, will gain the possibility to give feedback and will receive first access to the protocol.

Start cooperation Glastuinbouw Nederland en HDP (fotograaf: John Brussel)

Broad support base amongst horticulturists and suppliers for standard protocol

Now almost all hardware suppliers are working with their own protocols. When implementing dimmable LED-lighting, for instance, customization is needed to ensure that the LED-lighting will work together fluently with sensors and the climate computer. If something alters in the hardware or in the configuration, the software needs changes as well. With HDP customized software will be a thing of the past. Dennis Medema, theme specialist Energy at Glastuinbouw Nederland: “A needs assessment made clear that horticulturists recognize this problem. We see a broad support base for a standard protocol. At Glastuinbouw Nederland, we support this initiative. We are very happy that Inventeers and Ledgnd started this project, and we expect a lot of support and feedback from the constituency. This protocol offers a basis for a simpler and cheaper LED-lighting chain for horticulturists, and we expect it will strengthen innovation.”

Accelerate the market

Ledgnd is a brand independant consultancy agency for horticulturists regarding LED-lighting. Ramón van de Vrie, CEO of Ledgnd: “Our company advises horticulturists who want to make the transition to LED-lighting. We look at lighting as well as the complete horticulture climate. One mostly forgets that traditional lighting comes along with warmth that must be compensated. Data and communication between hardware and sensors is key in our advice. Due to the lack of a universal standard, it costs the suppliers and installers a lot of time for every project to have all hardware perfectly matched. This is not only costly and time consuming, but the lack of craftsmen also delay integration even more. By creating HDP, we want to genuinely accelerate the market.”

Participate to gain access to the protocol

The consortium is ambitious and wishes to create the widest possible alliance. Ramón van de Vrie: “We have set up a separate foundation for HDP. Companies can contact and join us to participate as stakeholder in HDP. We will ask stakeholders for input, and they will have first access to the protocol. We plan to have the first hardware running on this protocol in 2023. To be able to meet this ambitious goal and to steer the project in the right direction, we have employed Arie de Klerck, an experienced project manager regarding energy and data management. Arie sees big opportunities for HDP and is willing to go the distance to see this project successful. Development of the technology is done by Inventeers. Inventeers develops hardware and software for third parties, has a lot of experience in the agricultural sector and knows the prevailing protocols. Together we aim to set the new global standard originating from The Netherlands, wouldn’t that be great!”

Do you wish to know more about this project, take a look at the website of HDP or contact us at

The initiators

AboutLedgnd Ledgnd is a brand independent specialist regarding lighting in the greenhouse horticultural sector. They have deep-rooted knowledge of crops and an enlightening vision regarding LED-lighting. Together with horticulturists they lighten up the work of growers! For more information: ledgnd

About Inventeers Inventeers is an engineering firm in Leiden that develops innovative systems on behalf of third parties using software and hardware. Inventeers contributes to the innovation of their clients for over 18 years with over 50 employees as an external research & development partner. From concept to product, from fundamental research to actual mass production. For more information:

About Glastuinbouw Nederland Within Glastuinbouw Nederland, LTO Noord, ZLTO en LLTB work together regarding Labour, Energy, Health & Happiness, Plant health and Water & Environment to influence policy and innovative programs within the entrepreneurial network in the horticultural sector. Together they represent 75% of the total horticultural sector. More information Glastuinbouw Nederland

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